Patrick Gillevet, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Environmental Biocomplexity
(703) 993-1057, phone

        Dr. Gillevet is using state of the art molecular techniques to study problems in Molecular Environmental Sciences and Genomic Evolution. He is working on several molecular systematics projects which include: the use of molecular methods to characterize the genus Pseudomonas and Bacillus; the development of a prototype database to integrate phenotypic, metabolic, and genotypic data; the use of molecular methods to characterize the toxic dinoflagellate Pfiesteria piscicida; use of molecular techniques to monitor halophilic microbial communities, use of molecular techniques to monitor soil ecosystems during bioremediation processes, and the development of a new methods and techniques to detect molecular markers for scanning natural microbial populations. He is involved in the bioinformatics program at IB3, developing Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) systems for large scale sequencing projects, implementing analytical tools for molecular systematics and microbial classification, and modelling non-linear metabolic systems. He is also developing new mass spectrometry technology for high throughput genomic sequencing and environmental monitoring.

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Sept 2005